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Flagstaff Police Department

P19-11094 Trespassing at Walmart

Portions of the report have been redacted based upon privacy and confidentiality concerns to protect personal identifying information.

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P19-11094 Trespass at Wal-Mart

P19-11094 Officer Cooke

Officer Cooke dispatched to a trespass call at Wal-Mart

P19-11094 Officer Thifault

Officer Thifault responding to assist for a trespass call at Wal-Mart

Citizen Video Recorded from Wal-Mart 

Video of trespass call at Wal-Mart. This video was recorded by a Citizen which was then publicly posted on Facebook. We do not own the rights of this video.

P19-11094 Officer Thifault

Officer Thifault interviewing witnesses

P19-11094 Sgt. Turley

Sgt. Turley interviewing witnesses